Reviews of the Home

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"The home is well-maintained and spotlessly clean. The food is excellent and there is plenty of it. There are activities planned daily. The staff are excellent. They are friendly; always introducing themselves; greeting you by name; they are cheerful; much in evidence.
They are highly professional and competent - they have encouraged my mother to stay mobile and independent etc. The home is warm. The resident's doors are open and there is a very positive, welcoming, 'homely' feel."

Thursday 9 February 2017. Relates to January 2017.



"My mother lived for six years in Lady Nuffield Home and died there in November 2016 aged 94. At all stages of her time there, the quality of care was exemplary. In the early days when she was active, a very large variety of interesting activities were on offer, all of which she enjoyed very much indeed. The activities both enabled the residents to exercise their intellectual and physical faculties, but also provided a social focus and contributed to the community feel of the home. As my mother became less mobile, the care of the staff was of a very high quality indeed. Not only was she looked after physically extremely well, but the carers were uniformly kind, friendly and extremely caring. There is a very low staff turnover (and retired staff often come back to do specific activities such as reading to the residents) so that the residents feel secure and are really able to get to know the staff. All the staff at all levels are superb."

Thursday 2 February 2017. Relates to November 2016.



"Home is clean, comfortable, non-institutional in furnishings and decor. Staff are invariably courteous, warm and treat residents as individuals. There is a full program of activities most days. The small (ish) resident population plus mixed care needs work well to create a community.​"

Tuesday 10 January 2017. Relates to December 2016.



"Excellent in most, if not all criteria. Immaculate home and great staff."

Thursday 5 January 2017.



"As the daughter of a resident who lived at the Lady Nuffield Home for three and a half years, I have nothing but praise for it, and deep gratitude towards its staff at all levels. They recognised from the outset my father's individual social needs and preferences and operate a policy which is the opposite of one size fits all.

The senior staff take an active interest in the health and wellbeing of residents without being intrusive, and make helpful suggestions for options and resources to improve quality of life. They are also sensitive to the needs of different members of the resident's family and other visitors, especially at any times of the resident's ill health and most crucially of all, in terms of end of life care.

The rooms and public spaces are bright, attractive and well maintained and the garden is a pleasure to sit in. The regular events marking the seasons or special national occasions provide enjoyable opportunities for staff, residents and visitors to share.​"

Sunday 23 October 2016. Relates to September 2016.​




"We, myself and my wife, have been incredibly impressed by the Lady Nuffield home. My mother is well looked after: the care, food, activities and facilities are good; she is happy and well settled - we could not ask for more.
The home is wonderfully clean and fresh smelling. The staff are all really friendly and helpful; it also appears to be very well run. Despite the cost we would happily recommend this home.
This review covers the period from the autumn 2015 up to July 2016.​"

Friday 8 July 2016. Relates to July 2016