Staff vs Residents Quiz 2017

Once again the staff gathered together with the residents to battle it out in the brain department for this years Staff vs Residents Quiz 2017. There were 5 rounds in total starting with a sheet of famous faces to recognise. Round 2 featured 8 facts that had to be decided if they were true of false. Round 3 was a team crossword from the Times 2 book, R4 was the quick fire questions that had to be answer by ringing the team bell and the final Round 5 was a quick word game where all of the players had to work out how many words could be made from a selection of letters. 3 teams were playing along, the staff and two teams of residents. In the end the staff stood victorious and won the overall game with 96 points to the residents 72. Thank you to Charlotte, Sue, Kingsley, Jill, Nick and Fiona for coming in to take part in the quiz we really appreciate your ongoing support.

The winning team: Emily, Jenny, Kathy and Karin